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We have found Version 10 much harder to setup on users desktops because unlike the prior version where most of the information was in one place - now its spread around via access to dropdowns and in various locations.

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When we first started using this we had cursor disappearance and mysterious disconnects - and couldnt seem to get support It seems that they have been working hard to bring this up to speed and improve support. We started retesting and found the most current release to be much more stable - just dont try to open a full session screen on a 5K iMac in High Sierra yet.

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We have the v. Please contact us so we can work with you to resolve problems before the v. You can mail us at rdios microsoft. There is also a Slack MacAdmins group you can join to work with us 1: Mac App Store Preview.

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Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Use the new Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your administrator. It's time for the first update of the year! We appreciate all your comments sent to us through the App Store, in-app feedback and email; and continue focusing on making this app better with each release. In this version we addressed the following issues: Please continue to send us feedback.

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We read it all and factor it into our planning. There is a bug in macOS To resolve this issue, delete the folder contents and upgrade to macOS Note that a side-effect of deleting the folder contents is that snapshot images assigned to bookmarks will be deleted. These images will be regenerated when reconnecting to the remote PC. Thanks for all the feedback sent to us through the App Store, in-app feedback and email. Please keep the feedback coming. We read it all. If hardware acceleration specified in app preferences is not available or enabled, there will be a tradeoff between the graphics rendering performance and the quality of some text in the remote session.

As the interpolation quality specified in app preferences is increased, some text in the remote session will appear sharper, but graphics rendering performance will decrease. This side-effect will be especially evident in fit to window mode.

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In the absence of hardware acceleration, if graphics rendering performance is important, the interpolation quality should be set to None, with the result that some text will appear blurry, but rendering performance will be more optimal. We have some exciting features and fixes in this release!

We listen to it all. In addition, we addressed some bugs affecting the usage of smart cards in a remote session. This is a big release! We've changed a bunch of tooling on our side, added new features and fixed some pesky bugs. We've got some awesome updates in this release.

In between several bug fixes, we've made the following noteworthy improvements: We've got a fresh collection of fixes and improvements for you: We've been working hard to iron out bugs and add useful features: In this release we fixed the following issues: Please keep it coming. In this release we have fixed the following issues: We fixed a crash that occurred when subscribing to or refreshing inaccessible remote resource feeds. Please keep all the feedback coming.

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Check out additional Team Viewer remote desktop support and collaboration downloads. Immediate assistance: TeamViewer QuickSupport Optimized for instant remote desktop support, this small customer module does not require installation or administrator rights — simply download, double click, and give the provided ID and password to your supporter.

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