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And, to top it off, you get a choice of thousands of inspiring instrument sounds and loops that bring your ideas to life. For Bands Whether you are in the studio or in the rehearsal room, Cubase is the DAW of choice for capturing your songs in the most professional way. The integrated mixing desk combines utmost flexibility with top-end channel strip modules for luxiouros, pro-console sound. Thanks to the Control Room section you can provide each of your band members with an individual cue mix.

And once the recording session is over, simply select the best parts and conjure the perfect take within seconds. For Producers For countless music producers and audio engineers around the world Cubase is an essential tool of their daily work.

With its award-winning audio engine, industry-acclaimed tools and the seamless integration with existing studio gear, Cubase is well tailored to professionals working in the music, film and game industry. And the state-of-the-art mixing desk is unmatched in terms of flexibility and quality, combining studio-grade sound with the comfort of a modern-day DAW. And thanks to Steinberg's pioneering VST Expression technology you can create breathtakingly natural orchestral scores with full expression control on single-note level.

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For Electronic Music Producers With an immense arsenal of spectacular synths and creative effects, Cubase is a true treasure trove for experimental sound designers. From the purest analog synths to a next-generation granular synth over to intuitive beat creation and mangling tools, Cubase offers everthing needed to create expressive electronic music.

Add to this the advanced Drum, Key and List editors, a variety of intuitive audio editing tools and the seamless remote control integration and you get a one-of-its-kind solution for creating and performing electronic music. For Vocalists Cubase includes a complete toolset for the correction and enhancement of vocal recordings. It is just a matter of seconds to adjust the pitch and timing of monophonic audio signals or to harmonize your lead vocals in beautifully composed choral arrangements. For more convenience, you can even edit voices from multiple tracks in one single editor.

To make the most out of your vocal recordings, simply add some of the quality reverb, modulation and dynamics effects and you're done. For Beat Producers Whether you're creating hip hop, rap or techno music, Cubase has the right tools at hand: And Cubase also provides a genre-crossing range of ready-to-go samples, sounds and loops alongside massive EQs and inspiring effects that are just perfect for producers of electronic music. For Guitarists From crystal clean to creamy crunch over to singing sustain, VST Amp Rack delivers rock-solid tones for your guitar tracks.

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Designed as a customizable rack, this virtual guitar tone suite offers multiple amps, classic stomp box effects, speaker cabinets and microphone models to choose from. The plug-in also highlights signature presets crafted by world-class guitarists from bands such as Meshuggah, Emperor, and Accept. Discover New Mac Apps.

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Mac Update. Given its look and feel, comparisons with Ableton Live are inevitable, but this still-quite new kid on the block has got some fresh tricks up its sleeve. In terms of creative workflow, however, in many respects it's actually a cut above the competition. The modulation system is hugely inspiring, creative and implemented in a way that makes it accessible.

Combine this with the new hardware functionality, along with pre-existing highlights such as the flexible controller API, cross-platform compatibility and flexible effects chains and signal splitters, and Bitwig begins to look like a serious contender. As of version 2.

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Version 2. Bitwig Studio 2. Through its seven major updates, Mixcraft has evolved from a basic starter app to a genuinely impressive DAW, taking on features normally associated with costlier alternatives. Mixcraft 8 heralds the arrival of a completely new audio engine, global automation recording and integration with Freesound. There are new plugins to play with, too. It might not be the flashiest DAW on the market, but if you invest in Mixcraft you'll be getting a well-supported production solution that comes at a great price.

Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7. Among laymen, Pro Tools has practically become a byword for the whole process of recording a piece of music on a computer, which says something about its strength as a brand and ubiquity in studios. As well as being able to buy outright, you can now subscribe to Pro Tools on a monthly or annual basis, while new support plans are available, too. There's also Avid Cloud Collaboration, cloud-based project storage and the Avid Marketplace, which is designed to connect you with others in the audio community.

Pro Tools , meanwhile, puts the emphasis on workflow, adding features that are designed to speed up the music-making process. Avid Pro Tools Better still, Reason 9. All told, now's a pretty interesting time to be a Reason user. Version Propellerhead Software Reason It's been a tumultuous year for Sonar; in fact, it looked for a while like it would cease to exist. Better still, it's now made the software available for free. The third-party content that was bundled with the paid-for version has been removed, but the DAW's key features, such as the Skylight user interface, flexible ProChannel modules and bit mix engine, are all here.

So, if you're a PC user on the lookout for a new DAW, you've got literally nothing to lose by trying this one. Cakewalk Sonar.

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Studio One has been gaining ground for several years, and it's now a DAW of real power and maturity, not merely matching its rivals in most respects but going beyond them in a few areas. There are new MIDI editors for drums and patterns, and a good assortment of workflow enhancements. Studio One has long been a DAW with the potential to genuinely change your musical life, and version 4 only reinforces that position. PreSonus Studio One 4. On the market since the days of the Atari ST ask your Dad , Cubase has been around for the advent of audio recording, plugin effects and instruments Steinberg actually invented the VST standard and every other major DAW development.

And the good news is that some of the big new features are available in all three iterations. One of these is the Lower Zone, a new area in the project window that's used for the mixer and other tool panels. There's also the Sampler Track, which provides you with an easy way of playing samples chromatically. These can be manipulated with filters and controls in the Lower Zone, and the Caleidoscope library gives you hundreds of samples to play with right away.

There are some Cubase Pro exclusives, of course: Other features are common to both Cubase Pro and Artist, though the software's built-in plugins have been enhanced across the board, and the deliciously-named Plug-In Sentinel is on-hand to scan plugins on startup and ensure stability. Version 9. Steinberg Cubase Pro 9. With a resolution of up to bit and kHz, as well as bit floating-point internal processing, Cubase AI delivers fantastic sound quality even to the home studio.

Cubase AI is ready to meet the demands of songwriting and production projects. Offering up to 32 audio tracks, up to 48 MIDI tracks to control external instruments, as well as up to 16 instrument tracks to control virtual instruments, Cubase AI has enough power to record as many as 16 audio channels simultaneously. Exporting stereo mixes as MP3 is also possible. The easy-to-use Key, Score and Drum Editors included in Cubase AI help to get the job done quickly without blocking the creative process when writing or producing a song.

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The Chord Track facilitates working with chords in a project context and enables transform and harmonize functions throughout the application while the Chords Pads allow an easy way to play chords or try out different arrangements. Cubase AI not only features powerful recording and editing tools, it also includes a complete set of great-sounding VST 3 effects plug-ins covering everything from EQ to dynamics to reverb.

In addition to the included plug-ins, Cubase AI is compatible with hundreds of additional virtual instruments and effects available to the VST platform today. Cubase AI comes with a set of powerful instruments and awesome sounds. And with the acclaimed AmpSimulator, all the amps you need stand right by your side to give your music that very individual tone. The mixer section in Cubase AI offers everything musicians need to create professional-quality mixes, with sample-accurate timing and full plug-in latency compensation across the entire signal path.

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Boasting up to four insert effect slots and four effect sends and returns as well as eight group channels, this powerful virtual mixer offers a lot of flexibility. Shop Software Host Applications.