Share address book mac icloud

Add an apple ID for your wife and another for the joint one.

Part 1: How to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac using iCloud?

You can still use Family Sharing and can pick whatever account you want for that. In our house, we made it the one that is associated with the person who takes care of the bulk of the bills. Pick up your iPhone or iPad and go to: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. The sharing of the address book using the default Apple method not my method below is good: If you want to share and sync the entire address book with all members of your family. If you are okay with only one identity between machines. So, then we tried just sharing the same Contacts with iCloud and it was worse: Each family member has their own iCloud account dad domain.

How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac with or without iCloud

This account will keep your identities straight. All the family members who will be sharing the shared address book. If you have 3 people in your family, you should have 3 contact cards.

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No other addresses. So, if Billy moves out and his address changes, everyone will have to update that card manually on each device. You will create a single shared family iCloud account smith-shared-family-addressbook domain. This account is the one that will be synced across all devices and can be updated by anyone. This Contacts will have: NO family members that will be sharing this account All addresses you want shared.

Each device in your family will be connected to both the Single and Shared iCloud accounts. Combined you will have all your addresses. Step 1: Step 2: I got a freebie one through gmail that I only intend on using for sharing my address book. But, you could get one through any other email provider.

Can I sync Outlook Contacts with Mac?

Name this email something that will indicate that it is the shared, address book one. You may need to log out of your current account. Step 3: Back up your addresses Open your Contacts app Highlight all of your addresses Drag them to your desktop to make a single VCard.

Rinse and repeat for each family member with their Contacts app. Step 4: Combine all the addresses Next, we are going to create a master Address Book with Contacts. Get all the vCards on your computer email, Airdrop, imessage, thumb drive, etc.

Step 1: Get prepared

Take all the vCards you created in step two and combine them into a single address book by dragging them onto the address book on your computer. Step 5: If your Contacts app is a real mess, check the App Store for apps to help clean it up. When you are done, create another backup of your newly cleaned up Contacts app the same way we did in Step 2.

Step 6: Search for any family members that will be sharing this account and remove them from the Contacts. Step 7: If you put a new contact into one computer it will be on the other computer in a matter of minutes.

An easy to sync Outlook contacts with Mac OS X for free

You can sync lots of things over iCloud — mail accounts, safari bookmarks, notes, iCal calendars etc. I normally have them all turned on except that with the iPhone 5 there was a bug with Safari bookmarks so I have that turned off. There is no way to do this from within iCloud, but there is a way using a different account. If you have addresses entered into a different account, such as hotmail, Gmail etc, they will not sync to your iCloud. Because of this, if you have contacts in Gmail that you would like to share across multiple devices, you need to export them out of Gmail and into iCloud for them to sync using iCloud.

To do this:. If you enable iCloud, then all contacts on your iPhone and computer that are in iCloud will sync automatically across all devices that are logged into that iCloud account. Hotmail and Gmail contacts will sync from hotmail and Gmail to any iphone that is synced with that hotmail or Gmail account, but not to other devices via iCloud.

Is there a way to create Group Lists on my iPhone or do I have to create them on my desk top computer and then sync them to the iPhone? I have a contact in my address book on my mac. It does not appear on my I-Phone. As suggested above my contacts box on the cloud is checked but that name is still not getting to my I-Phone, any more suggestions on what I could try?